Fawley Parish Council


To All Councillors: A Alvey (Chairman), B Thorne (Vice-Chairman), A Carcas, B Coyston,A Glass, B Hall, D McElhenny, C McGill, S Milgate, D Poole, J Poole, S Read, P Saunders & K Smith.

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Fawley Parish Council on Wednesday 08 September 2021 at 7pm in the Jubilee Hall, Fawley.

The meeting will be preceded by a period of 15 minutes to allow any planning applications on the agenda to be viewed.

Standing orders will be suspended to allow public participation of up to 15 minutes after item 21/028.

S Markides
pp Clerk to the Council
02 September 2021


21/025 Apologies for Absence.

Councillors are reminded of their obligation to declare any declarations of either pecuniary or personal interest in any Agenda items.

Any member declaring a pecuniary interest should be requested to leave the meeting by the Clerk prior to the item(s) in which the Member has declared an Interest being discussed, then invited to return to the meeting after any corresponding resolution has been made.

These actions to be recorded in the Council’s minutes.

21/026 Declarations of Interest.

  1. To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
  2. To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
  3. To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

21/027 To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on 19 May 2021 and the Extraordinary meeting held on 25 August 2021.

21/028 Chairman’s Announcements.

Suspension of standing orders


Reinstatement of Standing Orders

21/030 To note there have been no applications received following the advertisement of the casual vacancy for the office of Parish Councillor in the Blackfield & Langley Ward.

21/031 Planning: To consider applications and to note any planning comments that have been submitted under the delegated authority of the Deputy Clerk following consultation with Councillors (see list attached)

  1. Parish List:

Full Planning Permission 21/10970 – Land rear of 87-99 Long Lane, Holbury, Fawley SO45 2ND
Proposal: 10 Flats (1 block of 6 and 1 block of 4 flats); associated parking

Full Planning Permission 21/11150 – Taniere, Mopley, Langley, Fawley SO45 1YJ
Proposal: Single-storey flat roofed extension to the rear to create utility and sunroom

Full Planning Permission 21/11149 – 1 Hartsgrove Close, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1W
Proposal: Erection of a timber garden building forward of the front elevation of the property

Full Planning Permission 21/11182 – 15 Norman Road, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1YF
Proposal: Front facing dormer with pitched roof to match existing; alterations to rear dormer and 1.8 high opaque glass screen in association with new roof terrace

Full Planning Permission 21/11187 – Pentagon Court, Blackfield Road, Fawley SO45 1ED
Proposal: Alterations to provide two additional bedrooms to create 8-bedroom property for short term residential accommodation with shared facilities; external changes to the rear (Sui genris use)

Full Planning Permission 21/11219 – The White House, 1 Forest Lane, Hardley, Fawley SO45 3NA
Proposal: Two storey rear extension and detached garage

Lawful Development Certificate proposed (TO NOTE) 21/11077 – 1 Woodland Gardens, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1GD
Proposal: Hip to gable roof extension including new dormer window and works to existing chimney (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for proposal)

Lawful Development Certificate proposed (TO NOTE) 21/11086 – 1 Hartsgrove Close, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1WW
Proposal: Construction of a rear dormer & associated works; 4 x roof lights to front elevation (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for proposal)

Lawful Development Certificate proposed (TO NOTE) 21/11181 – 15 Norman Road, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1YF
Proposal: Rear facing dormer and all associated works (Lawful development Certificate that permission is not required for proposal)

  1. New Forest National Park Authority:

21/00713 – Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for continued use of land as parking bay

Land opposite 4 Solent View, Calshot, Southampton SO45 1BH

21/00723 – Fairwinds, Stonehills, Fawley, Southampton SO45 1DU
Proposal: Extension to existing conservatory; alterations to conservatory roof; demolition of attached utility room

21/032 To receive updates from District Councillors & County Councillor

21/033 To receive a verbal update from the Deputy Clerk regarding recent Youth Work in the Parish.

21/034 Updates from Representatives and Nominees on Local Bodies

  1. New Forest Consultative Panel: Cllr A Carcus
  2. New Forest Environmental Liaison Committee: Cllr J Poole & Cllr P Saunders
  3. Waterside Heritage: Cllr C McGill
  4. Police Liaison: Cllr A Glass & Cllr B Coyston
  5. Age Concern NFE: To note that Age Concern have confirmed that any Cllr representative would be required to be a trustee for the organisation.
  6. Dibden Allotment Fund: Cllr A Alvey
  7. New Forest Association of Local Councils: Cllr D McElhenny and Clerk/RFO (see minutes attached)
  8. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan: Cllr D McElhenny

21/035 Minutes of Committees:

  1. Estates & Facilities – 21 July 2021
  2. Policy, Resources & Personnel – 04 August 2021

21/036 a) Monthly Schedule of Accounts for July 2021 including up to date bank reconciliation (see attached).

21/037 To receive the Notice of Conclusion of Audit Annual Return for the year ended

31 March 2021, the External Audit Report Part 3 and Certificate 20-21 and to note there are no recommendations requiring action in Section 3
(see attached).

21/038 To consider under Section 137 LGA 1972 grant applications received from the following:

  1. Citizens Advice New Forest (see attached) Please note that all other documents required to be provided under the grant application have been received and are available from the office.
  2. Fawley Events Committee (see attached) Please note that all other documents required to be provided under the grant application have been received and are available from the office. Please also note request to decorate Jubilee Hall week commencing 29 November 2021.
  3. 6TH New Forest East Sea Scouts (see attached) Please note that all other documents required to be provided under the grant application have been received and are available from the office.

(Also attached – spread sheet of recent grant payments made)

21/039 To receive report on Community Infrastructure Levy – monies received year ending March 2021 (see attached)

21/040 To consider supporting Armed Forces Day in 2022 (see attached).

21/041 To agree Christmas opening/closing times for Parish Facilities and allocation of Statutory Days (see attached).

21/042 Annual Risk Assessment 2021/22 (see attached).

21/043 Update – Replacement 3G 5 a side pitch (see attached).

21/044 Meeting Resolution Update:

21/08 Business of Annual meeting in accordance with standing order 5J:

RESOLVED: c) To agree a one-year extension to the 5-year deal of the current insurance of the Council with Zurich Insurance at a cost of £17,684.82.

To note that the current insurers and other companies will be invited to quote for the Council’s business during the next financial year.

Appointments have been arranged for three companies to visit during September.

21/045 Councillor’s News and Comments. Cllrs are reminded that this agenda item involves no more than an exchange of information.

21/046 Correspondence:

  1. For response:

i) NFDC: Call for Sites – Land for future development’ open space and nature recovery
(see attached).

ii) NFDC Licensing: Temporary Events Notice, Non-Competitive Cycle Sportive – ticketed event. UK Cycling Events Ltd.

The sale by retail of alcohol. 18&19 September 2021, Gang Warily Recreation Centre, Newlands Road, Fawley. 10.30-16.00 hrs, 450 persons.

iii) NFDC Licensing: Temporary Road Closure Order.

Church Lane/The Square, Fawley from its junction with Copthorne Lane to its junction with Whites Lane – Saturday 04/12/21 13.00 – 19.00

School Road, Fawley from its junction with Falcon Fields to its junction with Church Lane/The Square – Saturday 04/12/2113.00 – 19.00

iv) HCC: New consultation – Hampshire County Permit Scheme (for Road Works and Street Works) Text amendments August 2021 (see attached).

  1. For information:

i) HCC: A326 (South) Junction Improvements, Fawley – Road Closure and Temporary Traffic Signals – Holbury Roundabout (see attached and previously circulated).

ii) NFDC Planning: Confirmation of TPO/0002/21, Land of Blackwell Forest, Chapel Lane, Langley.

  1. Available from the Office: Adoption Statement Mitigation for Recreational Impacts on New Forest European Sites Supplementary Planning Document, NFDC Cabinet Forward Plan 01 September 2021 – 31 August 2022 (previously circulated), Fawley Men’s Shed Benchmark Newsletter Issue 1, Clerks and Councils Direct September issue .

20/047 Date of next meeting: 15 December 2021

Exclusion of public and press: RESOLVED: That, considering the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, the public, including the press, be excluded from the remainder of the meeting.

20/048 To consider new proposal received from the Scouts and Guides relating to land at Gang Warily (see attached x 4 ).

20/049 Renewal of Bar Licence (Gang Warily) to Blackfield and Langley FC (see attached x 2).

20/050 To note that other leases and licences are due for renewal and that consideration of a commercial/charity rate will be one of the first tasks assigned to the new Clerk/RFO.

20/051 To consider service proposals for a new Health and Safety and Risk Management system
(see attached x 4)

20/052 To note use of furlough monies received (see attached).