To All Councillors:
A Alvey (Chairman),
B Thorne (Vice-Chairman)
A Carcas
B Coyston
A Glass
B Hall
D McElhenny
C McGill
S Milgate
D Poole
J Poole
S Read
P Saunders
K Smith

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Fawley Parish Council on Wednesday 16 March 2022 at 7pm in the Jubilee Hall, Fawley. The meeting will be preceded by a period of 15 minutes to allow any planning applications on the agenda to be viewed.


Stephanie Bennett
Clerk to the Council
09 March 2022


21/084 Apologies for Absence.

21/085 Declarations of Interest.
Councillors are reminded of their obligation to declare any declarations of either pecuniary or personal interest in any Agenda items.

Any member declaring a pecuniary interest should be requested to leave the meeting by the Clerk prior to the item(s) in which the Member has declared an Interest being discussed, then invited to return to the meeting after any corresponding resolution has been made.

These actions to be recorded in the Council’s minutes.

A – To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
B – To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)
C – To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

21/086 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
15 December 2021.

21/087 Chairman’s Announcements.

21/088 Public Session
Members of the public may ask questions or submit comments about agenda items/parish council matters. Parish Councillors may also make comment at this time. Each person speaking is limited to three minutes. Duration of this agenda item to be no longer than fifteen minutes.

21/089 Co-option
A. To consider the applications for co- option received from:
Ms Julie Hope
Mr Matthew Hartmann

B. To consider the co-option of a candidate to fill the vacancy in the Blackfield & Langley Ward.

C. To receive the Declaration of Office from the co-optee

21/090 Planning
A – To consider the planning list of New Forest District Council:
Full Planning Permission

Land of Juneda, New Road, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1WA
Proposal: Dwelling to front of Juneda
Extension request agreed

Full Planning Permission

Fingle Bridge, Blackfield Road, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1WD
Proposal: Single-storey rear extension; outbuilding
Extension request agreed

Full Planning Permission

Esso Petroleum Company Limited, Marsh Lane, Fawley SO45 1TX
Proposal: Replace the existing steam silencer located on the Cogen Unit

Full Planning Permission

Baroy, Lea Road, Langley, Fawley SO45 1YW
Proposal: Chalet bungalow; demolition of existing bungalow

Full Planning Permission
Cheverell, Chapel Lane, Langley, Fawley SO45 1YX
Proposal: Flat roofed timber clad single storey detached garden room and storage shed

Full Planning Permission

Geo Speciality Chemicals, Charleston Road, Hardley, Fawley SO45 3ZG
Proposal: Storage tank

Full Planning Permission

10 Alum Close, Holbury, Fawley SO45 2GY
Proposal: Single-storey rear extension (part retrospective)

Full Planning Permission

207-209 Long Lane, Holbury, Fawley SO45 2PD
Proposal: 4 Semi-detached houses with parking; demolition of existing buildings

B – To note any planning comments that have been submitted under the delegated authority of the Deputy Clerk following consultation with Councillors (see list attached).

21/091 New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council
To receive updates from District Councillors & County Councillor

21/092 External Bodies
To receive updates from Representatives and Nominees on Local Bodies:
A – New Forest Consultative Panel: Cllr A Carcas
B – New Forest Environmental Liaison Committee: Cllr J Poole & Cllr P Saunders
C – Waterside Heritage: Cllr C McGill
D – Police Liaison: Cllr A Glass & Cllr B Coyston
E – Dibden Allotment Fund: Cllr A Alvey
F – New Forest Association of Local Councils: Cllr D McElhenny and Clerk/RFO (see minutes attached)
G – Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan: Cllr D McElhenny

21/094 Committees
A – To receive the minutes of the following committees:
i) Estates & Facilities – 19 January 2022
ii) Policy, Resources & Personnel – 16 February 2022
B – To receive and agree the report of the Clerk on ratification of recommendations to council

21/095 Grant Applications
A – Victim Support (see attached) Please note that all other documents required to be provided under the grant application have been received and are available from the office.

B – Grant feedback Sept awards received from:
Fawley Events Committee (see attached)
Feedback not received from 6th New Forest East Sea Scouts

21/096 Insurance
A – To consider the report of the Clerk (see attached)
B – To agree the valuation costs to be funded from general reserves

21/097-Council Structure
A – To consider the report of the Clerk (see attached)
B – To agree the structure of Council and Committees and the Calendar of meetings for the period April 2022 – May 2023

21/098 Standing Orders
To consider and agree the reviewed Standing Orders (see attached)

21/099 Staff Structure and Salary Review
To consider the report and agree the timeline, policy of the review and communications plan (see attached)

21/100 Interim Audit
A – To consider the Internal Audit Report of February 2022 (see attached)
B – To consider and agree the Responses to Recommendations (see attached)
C – Clerk to report on the timeline for the Annual Audit and completion of Annual Governance and Accountability Return

21/101 Finance
A – To receive the accounts payable for the period 01/02/2022 – 28/02/2022
(see attached)
B – To receive the bank reconciliations of 31 January and 28 February 2022 (see attached)

21/102 Website
To consider the report of the Clerk (see attached WCAG – Fawley Parish Council)

21/103 Covid testing Policy
Clerk to report
A – To consider the draft policy (see attached)
B – To agree the additional budget for Covid testing of appropriate staff for 6 months

21/104 Compound Soakaway
To consider and agree the report and recommendations of the Grounds Manager (see attached)

21/105 Licence
To consider and agree the draft licence agreement for Blackfield and Langley Football Club (see attached).

21/106 Mobile Phones
A – To receive the report of the Clerk (see attached)
B – To consider the recommendations

21/107 Action Plan
To receive the action plan (see attached)

21/108 Councillor’s News and Comments.
Cllrs are reminded that this agenda item involves no more than an exchange of information.

21/109 Correspondence:
A – For information:
NFDC Licensing: Temporary Events Notice: Vibrant Forest Brewery, Unit 3, The Purlieu Centre, Hardley Industrial Estate, Hardley SO45 3AE, Beer Festival, The sale by retail of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment, 26 March 200 10.00hr – 21.00 hrs, 499 persons
B – Available from the office:
Clerks & Council’s Direct March 2022 Issue.

21/110 Exclusion of public and press:
To exclude the Public and Press from the remainder of the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 as matters which will be discussed are considered to be confidential

21/111 Chairman’s Cup and Awards at Annual Parish Meeting

21/112 Annual Leave

Date of next meeting dependant on resolution at 21/097