Cllr D Poole (Chairman)
Cllr A Alvey (Vice Chairman)
Cllr A Glass
Cllr C McGill
Cllr S Milgate
Cllr J Poole
Cllr B Thorne.

To all other Councillors for information.

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Policy, Resources and Personnel Committee on Wednesday 16 February 2022 commencing at 7pm in the Jubilee Hall, Fawley. The meeting will be preceded by a period of 15 minutes to allow any planning applications on the agenda to be viewed.


Stephanie Bennett
Clerk to the Council
10 February 2022


PRP 42. Apologies.

Councillors are reminded of their obligation to declare any declarations of either pecuniary or personal interest in any Agenda items.

Any member declaring a pecuniary interest should be requested to leave the chamber by the Clerk prior to the item(s) in which the Member has declared an Interest being discussed, then invited to return to the chamber after any corresponding resolution has been made. These actions to be recorded in the Council’s minutes.

PRP 43. Declarations of Interest.

43.1 To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
43.2 To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests
43.3 To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate

PRP 44. Minutes
To consider and sign as a correct record the minutes of the Policy, Resources & Personnel Committee meeting held on 17 November 2021.

PRP 45. Public Session
An Open Session will be held for members of the public who may ask questions or submit comments about agenda items/parish council matters. Parish Councillors may also make comment at this time. Each person speaking will usually be limited to three minutes. Duration of this part of the meeting is restricted to fifteen minutes.

PRP 46. Chairman’s Announcements

PRP 47. Planning
47.1 To consider the planning list of New Forest District Council

Full Planning Permission
137 Hampton Lane, Blackfield, Fawley SO45 1WE
Proposal: Use of ground floor as flat; single-storey front and rear extensions; parking
Extension request agreed

Full Planning Permission
49 Larkspur Gardens, Holbury, Fawley SO45 2QH
Proposal: Single storey rear extension; two storey side extension; porch infill to the front; wood burning stove to the rear
Extension request agreed

Application by Hampshire County Council
Forest Lodge Home Farm, Fawley Road, Hythe SO45 3NJ
Proposal: Variation of condition 23 of planning permission 20/10282 (vehicle movements)
Extension request agreed

47.2 To consider the planning list of the New Forest National Park Authority
Fawley Quarry, Calshot Road, Calshot, Southampton SO45 1BB
Proposal: Application to vary conditions 1,2,5,and 17 of planning permission 18/00437 to facilitate revised restoration scheme
Extension request agreed

National Coast Watch, Lepe Country Park, Lepe Road, Exbury, Hampshire, SO45 1AD
Proposal: Stationing of mobile look out unit

47.3 To consider the list of New Forest District Council Tree works:

16 The Saplings, Holbury, Fawley, Southampton SO45 2QP

Proposed works:
T2: Crown thinning and removal of all epicorpic growth to the main stem to a height of 8m
Reason for works: Arboricultural Maintenance

47.4 To note any planning comments that have been submitted under the delegated authority of the Deputy Clerk following consultation with Councillors. – PDF File

PRP 48. Volunteer policy
To consider and agree the policy. – PDF File

PRP 49. The handling of VAT
To receive the report of the Finance Manager that provides an update on how the Council is handling VAT – PDF File

PRP 50. Fees and Charges
To consider the report of the Clerk setting out fees and charges for 2022 – 2023 – PDF File

PRP 51. Finance
51.1 To receive the budget comparison report for month end January 2022 – PDF File
51.2 To receive the schedule of payments 31 December to 31 January 2022 – PDF File | December 2021 | January 2022
51.3 To receive the bank reconciliation as at 31 January 2022 – PDF File 1 | PDF File 2 | PDF File 3

PRP 52. Financial Regulations
a. Clerk to brief councillors on the internal control arrangements set out within the Financial Regulations
b. To consider and agree the Financial Regulations and make recommendation to Council
PDF File

PRP 53. Handling Income
Clerk to report on observations and actions being taken

PRP 54. Rialtas and Accountancy
Clerk to update the Committee on the requirement to host Rialtas locally.

PRP 55. Direct Debits
To consider and agree the direct debits of the Council – PDF File

PRP 56. Communications Policy
56.1 To consider the types of information that councillors wish to be forwarded
(information is mainly from third parties)
56.2 To agree how councillors wish to be provided this information

PRP 57. Structure of Council and Calendar of Meetings
To consider the report of the Clerk and recommendations – PDF File

PRP 58. Cycle2work
To consider the report of the Centre Manager and recommendation – PDF File

PRP 59. Behaviour Policy
To consider and agree the policy – PDF File

PRP 60. Service Level Agreement Dog Walking area, Gang Warily
a. Clerk to present the draft SLA for the Dog – PDF File
b. To consider and agree the service level agreement

PRP 61. Action Plan
To receive the action plan – PDF File

PRP 62. Cllrs News and Comments
Cllrs are reminded that this agenda item involves no more than an exchange of

PRP 63. Staff Absence
To receive the report of the Clerk

PRP 64. Exclusion of public and press:
To exclude the Public and Press from the remainder of the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 as matters which will be discussed are considered to be confidential

PRP 65. Debtors

PRP 66. Staffing Review

PRP 67. Probationary Period – PDF File