Planned Maintenance


Please see the map above. The area in Red will be maintained with shorter grass to allow the area to be used for recreation. The remainder of the Manor will be left in order to let the grass grow and provide a natural environment and protect the wild flowers and grasses. The existing paths will also be cut to maintain access around the Manor. This will be completed as part of a structured maintenance plan. The planned grass maintenance dates (weather permitting) for the Manor will be;

15th June
20th July
17th August
21st September

This area consists of an ancient woodland site and open grass lands for everyone to enjoy and is the on-going project for a local conservation group.

The site boasts fishing lakes and moats and has a number of pathways for ease of access which are currently being upgraded.

Manor Pond
Manor Pond

Fishing Licences

Fishing licences can be obtained for use at the fish ponds at Gang Warily and Holbury Manor. Licences can be purchased for fishing daily, weekly or for the season and are available from Reception at Gang Warily.