Jubilee Hall Extensions
Jubilee Hall, The Square, Fawley.


There are also 2 ‘in person’ consultations available where you can come along and share your ideas for Jubilee Hall with us.

4-8 pm Wednesday 20th September at Jubilee Hall

10-1 pm Saturday 14th October at Jubilee Hall

As a Parish Council it is our responsibility to manage money and community assets to your best advantage. Community assets (buildings and facilities such as Gang Warily, Jubilee Hall, and open spaces) can be in our ownership for decades and as times and community needs change some facilities become outdated or their original purpose is no longer valid.

An example of this is Jubilee Hall; originally the core was built as Community Hall, over the years there have been various extensions added to accommodate the communities needs such as the Council Chamber, a reception area, a series of rooms used for offices, 2 Squash Courts with a viewing gallery, and toilets and changing rooms. Added at different times the result is a series of ugly structures that are not used as they once were, or no longer suited to their original purpose. The time has come to acknowledge this and embrace the opportunity to change if necessary.

There is no intention of demolishing the original Jubilee Hall but there are plenty of opportunities to consider better use of the site and/or building if some of the out-of-date extensions were revamped or removed.

This consultation is about asking you as a community what you would like to see on the site: it is a unique opportunity to assess Fawley’s needs for the future whether it be housing, storage facilities, start-up business space, art & craft space, or something else? This is your chance to have your say in the future of your community.

For example attractive affordable housing for young local people might be an option you would value? Old photos show that the land did originally have housing on it so it would not be out of place.

We’re sure you may have ideas we haven’t even thought of.

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