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On 26th May 2016 another complaint was received about speeding gravel lorries coming from Fawley along the B3053.  A driver on this occasion has had their window smashed by the stones on the road being thrown up by vehicles.  It appears the company are not complying with their requirements to correctly sheet their lorries and prevent egress of gravel from the quarry onto the road.  There are also reports they are speeding and the Clerk can confirm this is not an isolated incident.   This was reported to Hampshire County Council via Cllr Philip Fawkes.

We Did:

Update 6th June 2016

Cllr Fawkes has informed the council that he has discussed the matter with the operators of the site Mid Hants Ltd who have sent a very strong message to all their hauliers indicating that this is not acceptable, and that drivers should drive considerately along the roads within the speed limits, and in particular be very considerate when driving through Fawley.   With this in mind Fawley Parish Council will monitor any further complaints and deal with any future problems with its partners as appropriate.

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24th May 2016

The Council has recently received complaints re the condition of Holbury Manor pond relating the amount of pond weed, and sightings of possible dead fish floating on the surface.

We Did:


On Tuesday 7th June 2016 Council ground staff, Cllr Coyston and 3 volunteers cleared the pond of weed and rubbish.  They investigated the issue with the fish but on inspection this appears not to be the case as when prodded the fish swam away.  However it is suspected that goldfish and private pond fish may have been dumped in the pond.  If this is the case they might not survive due to the change in their environment.  This is being monitored by council staff.

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The following complaint was raised at the Annual Parish meeting: The Hardley Industrial Estate has for many years been used as an overnight park for HGV lorries, and although we did get respite during the recession, we are now back to normal with up to a dozen lorries overnight.

We have had to endure bags of rubbish and foreign beer bottles left on the roadside, and I would like to say the NFDC do a good job in keeping the area clean. But this year Bridleway 36, and the lay by in Forest Lane have been used as a toilet, and you know it’s human as not many dogs use toilet paper. And to top it all a few weeks ago the Burger Van did not notice the human excrement in the gutter, and having driven through it, had to go home and spend half an hour cleaning and disinfecting his wheels.

Most of the Lorries are going to the Petro Chemical Industries, although a number at the moment are from the Fawley Gravel Pit site.

I think the local industries should take responsibility for the Lorries and Tankers that use their sites, instead of pushing them out onto the local roads.

Even the tankers using the Esso Terminal are not allowed to have maintenance or tyre changes done on site, they have to do it on the roadside on the Industrial Estate. We also have at the moment 3 concrete lorries parked every night on the estate, because Esso have taken away their normal parking area due to the shutdown.

They preach Health and Safety, how about the Health and Safety of the local residence; the Industrial Estate road is already in a bad condition without the extra usage that has nothing connected to it.

We Did:

The Parish Council has contacted local businesses regarding this matter and an update is expected shortly.

Update 7/7/16

Exxon report after a meeting with Fawley parish Council  at the end of April, from early May we followed-up with surveys of HGV’s parked up overnight on the Hardley Industrial Estate, Forest Lane and on ExxonMobil property down Cadland Road and associated areas.

We found no examples of HGV’s parked up in Forest Lane or housing areas adjacent to the Hardley Industrial Estate.   HGV’s do park up in the coach park at the north end of Hardley Industrial Estate, some of which are parked up before entering the ExxonMobil site the next day.  Those we have spoken to say they park there to use the pub and its facilities in the evening – which is preferable.

So it appears that the problem had already gone away, which may partly have been because our maintenance event was already winding down.

For the future, we propose that for major maintenance peaks at Fawley Refinery or Chemical Plant we will pro-actively patrol these areas in the evening and move HGV’s away from residential areas if they plan to deliver to us.

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