Fawley Parish Council is keen to work with our parishioners to find out what matters most where you live.

Where Fawley Parish Council has the responsibility for the area, we will work with you and partner agencies to address your concerns.

You said, we did

You said:


At Policy, Resources & Personnel Committee meeting 23 March concern was raised by a member of the public regarding over flowing rubbish bin/uncollected rubbish at the Holbury Precinct.

We did:

As NFDC Councillor for the Holbury and North Blackfield Ward Cllr Alvey has contacted the District Council; they have advised that this will be cleared today (24/03/2016) and the reasons as to the why the problem occurred will be investigated.

Local priorities in Fawley - The PreceptYou said:

At our Public Services Committee meeting on 16th March 2016 in public session a member of the public wanted an explanation about why Fawley Parish Council tax precept had risen by 5.2% this year as well as the previous year?

We did: 19/03/2016

Statement of Fawley Parish Council

The Parish Councils intention was to set the precept for 2016 – 2017 at an increased of 1.5% above that of the previous year.  However at a late stage in the process the Parish received notification from New Forest District Council that our grant from Central Government funds was to be reduced by 50%.

This shortfall would have compromised the Parish Councils ability to maintain its assets and ability to provide the level of services our parishioners expect.

As a Parish Council we are unable due to our relative size compared to District and County Councils to restructure, and reduce staff numbers without it affecting our delivery of services.

Therefore regrettably in order to protect the level of service delivery to our parishioners of Fawley a minimum 5.5% increase in precept was required.

The Parish Council, its Clerk and Officers are reviewing all the Councils activities in order to make cost savings where possible in order to reduce the level of precept required to run the organisation.

Cllr Robert Wappet, Chairman Fawley Parish Council.



You said:

A resident raised her concern with regards to the amount of dog mess around the Fawley area. She is appalled and surprised at the amount left, despite the presence of disposal bins. She has written a letter regarding this matter to New Forest District Council, which will be sent shortly. It was asked that Fawley Parish Council considers putting up signage around the Parish and stated that she would be willing to help with this.

Another resident spoke of his concerns regarding dog mess around the Parish. He stated signs were unlikely to help the matter but believed it was a start, and asked any signs that go up warn those responsible that fines will be issued. He stated that he would also send a letter to New Forest District Council expressing his displeasure.

We Did:

Fawley Parish Council have forwarded her letter to NFDC Dog Warden Service, Appletree Court, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7PA. Tel – 023 8028 5411, Fax – 023 8028 5544, Minicom – 023 8028 5416. 

The advice from NFDC and Fawley Parish Council is “If you spot a dog fouling problem, you can report it to NFDC Customer Services on 023 8028 5000 or report it online

The clerk is investigating the point regarding signage and will provide an update by the 27th April 2016

18/4/16 Update

The Dog Warden, Public Health and Community Safety, New Forest District Council has been contacted and will attend when possible to enforce any offences of dog fouling.  The Parish Council have been told they will be updated by NFDC of time/dates of visits and any enforcement activity.  This will be published as an update.