Fawley Parish Council is keen to work with our parishioners to find out what matters most where you live.

Where Fawley Parish Council has the responsibility for the area, we will work with you and partner agencies to address your concerns.

You Said

3/7/17 –  Fawley Parish Council (FPC) received a single complaint about the increase in road noise caused by speeding lorries along the B 3053 around Fawley in particular late at night and in the early hours of the morning.  This related to container lorries that were entering and leaving the old Fawley Power Station.

6/7/17 – a second complaint was received from another resident.

We Did

7/7/17 – FPC has informed the complainants the Parish Council has no legal powers around any enforcement activities and therefore notified the complainants to contact NFDC, the Police and HCC to raise their concerns.

However, FPC was keen to assist where possible so also contacted this organisation to re-enforce the concerns.  In addition, FPC contacted Fawley Waterside Ltd (owners of the site) to make enquiries regarding the complaint.

Fawley Waterside informed the Council that they had just given permission to a container company to store containers on their site and they would investigate and take action to resolve the problem.

10/7/17 – The complainants were requested to keep records of times/days in order to fully understand the problem and record information to assist with any future action.

12/7/17 – FPC liaised with Cllr McEvoy from NFDC and HCC who stated she would investigate.  Cllr McEvoy was in communication with a range of departments from both NFDC and HCC.  Cllr McEvoy also updated the complainants.

No further complaints were received by FPC until 25/8/17, when another complainant raised concerns on behalf of them and their neighbours regarding the constant noise throughout the night to such an extent they couldn’t sleep and their quality of life was being significantly affected.

In addition, there was now damage being caused to the road surface of the B3053.   Another complaint was received on 30/8/17 by FPC.

30/8/17 – FPC then contacted Cllr McEvoy and Fawley Waterside to arrange an urgent meeting to resolve the matter ASAP.

14/09/17 – Fawley Waterside Ltd state “Due to an unreasonable level of disturbance Fawley Waterside have agreed that their tenant James Kemball Ltd will vacate the site from Friday 29th September”

14/09/17 – HCC Highways have informed the FPC that ” The red surface that is uneven at the speed limit change will be replaced in the near future”.