You said: 13/03/17

Letter of complaint received by Fawley Parish Council (FPC) regarding lack of access by residents to St Georges Hall, Calshot and that NFDC had been very unhelpful by putting restrictions in place that are not on the Hire Agreement forms that essentially prevents it being used by local residents..

We did: 13/03/17

In the absence of the local Parish Ward Cllr  the Clerk informed New Forest District (NFDC) Cllr Alexis McEvoy with responsibility for the Calshot ward of the problem.

Cllr McEvoy contacted the complainant on 15/03/17 informing them she would investigate.


On-going communications between Cllr McEvoy and NFDC re issues and potential resolutions


Site visit with Cllr McEvoy (NFDC) Cllr Glass (FPC) and Colin Read, Head of Service NFDC. to discuss option.


As the building is owned and controlled by NFDC a formal approach was received from Colin Read to FPC to seek support from FPC in identifying the most appropriate way forward.

The building needs a considerable amount of repairs and equipment to provide the access and services required.  These are being worked out by NFDC officers to identify a way forward.

Currently on a temporary basis FPC have been holding the keys on behalf of NFDC at Jubilee Hall.


The issue is raised as an agenda item at Policy Resources & Personnel Committee for FPC to note the approach from NFDC and bring any proposals back to Council for their approval.