Staff Structure

This information is currently being produced in an accessible format

Contact details

Clerk  – Stephanie Bennett,   stephanie.bennett@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Deputy Clerk – Sue Markides,   sue.markides@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Centre and Sports Development Manager – Joshua Bond,  joshua.bond@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Grounds Manager  – Jason Mansbridge,   jason.mansbridge@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Finance Manager –   Danni Alexander,   danni.alexander@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Youth Worker –  Amy Andrew,  youthworker@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Maintenance and Works Supervisor –  Simon Llewellyn,   maintenance@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Jubilee Hall – jubileehall@fawley-pc.gov.uk

Gang Warily Reception –  reception@fawley-pc.gov.uk