Food Vouchers

If you wish to request a Food Bank voucher please feel free to contact our Youth Workers Amy Andrew or Natalie Smith and they would be happy to assist you. Their details can be found in the Contact section.

Shoes Vouchers

If you wish to request a Shoe voucher please feel free to contact our Youth Workers Amy Andrew or Natalie Smith and they would be happy to assist you. Their details can be found in the Contact section.

Parent/ Guardian Support Group

In the future Fawley Parish Council Youth Workers are looking to run a pilot Parent/ Guardian support group with the aim of helping our local residents.

The benefits of a support group are:

  1. They can be a great way for local parents/ guardians to meet for emotional and practical support.
  2. They give the ability to share stories (if wanted) and to learn from other parents/guardians experiences.
  3. They can allow you to make new friends in your local area.

Some research shows that support groups can provide healthy parenting skills, an increased sense of empowerment, and a feeling of belonging.

We would very much appreciate our local parents/guardians input on having a parent support group. Please feel free to contact Natalie Smith via the email address asst.youthworker@fawley-pc.go.uk to give your opinions on what you would like to see.

Budget Calculator

Okay, so what is a Budget Calculator ?

A Budget Calculator evaluates the components of a personal budget and highlights which specific areas need improvement. They can help people live within their means and plan for the future. There are many different free online tools that you can use to help you calculate your household budget, your bank will likely have a free version as well.

Here’s a link to the Citizens Advice Budget Tool and Money Helper Budget Tool to help get you started.

How to get involved in providing a Youth Service

Here at the Youth Services team we are always happy to welcome new Volunteers. Working with the Fawley Parish’s local young people can be extremely rewarding as it can allow you to pass on your knowledge and skills to brighten futures.

What is Youth Work ?

Youth work is all about helping young people with their personal and social development. It can also help them achieve their full potential and to develop important life skills through non-formal educational activities. It can help young people learn about themselves and others, and channel their energy into something enjoyable, constructive, and personally rewarding. It will help them find the motivation and inspiration to develop their abilities and a positive frame of mind, so they can overcome struggles and live life to its fullest.

Want to get involved ?

If you would like to join our volunteers and help your local young people to be the best they can be or would like more information then please contact Amy Andrew or Natalie Smith (details can be found in the contacts page) to express your interest, they will get back to you with more information.

To ensure the safety of our young people all our volunteers are required to be fully DBS checked and are helped through our induction process.

Where to find the Bus Timetables and Tide Times

Bluestar Bus Timetable:

The Bluestar Bus services is the only busy service available in the local area of Fawley, to find out your local bus times you can check out the Bluestar Timetable.

Tide Times:

You can find information on Calshot Beach and Lepe Beach tidal times below:

Calshot Beach (reference point for tidal times is Calshot Castle)

Lepe Beach (reference point for tidal times is Stansore Point)

Other Learning Activities

Whats Going On - see the Events Page