April - Priest Croft - image courtesy of Muircroft Housing Association

Parking around Priest Croft and Harvey Court

We have had concern raised regarding inconsiderate parking around Priest Croft and Harvey Court – which is often found to be worse during school drop off and pick up times.

The Clerk has visited the area and agrees with the concerns.  It would appear that car drivers are also ignoring the dragons teeth insitu and driving on to grass verges.

The Police and Hampshire Highways have both been informed.

Harrier Green, Holbury

Concern was been raised by local residents regarding the appearance and safety of the site to the rear of the Chevron Trading Estate.

Officers contacted the land owners and have been advised of the following:

We intend to re-secure the perimeter fencing on both sides of our land with posts, concreted into the ground with closed fencing, rather than heras fencing, this is a more secure option.

We will also clear the area of rubbish and give the site a once overall tidy up, we will not undertake any further works, we will also write to the housing association to inform them of rubbish being tipped on the site by some of their tenants.

We will visit the site on an annual basis to tidy up.