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At a public consultation meeting on 7th July 2016 residents raised concerns over inconsiderate parking in Church Lane, Fawley by local residents close to junctions that made it unsafe/difficult for road users to pass.

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Fawley Parish Council will discuss the concern with the local police and investigate the issue.  An update will be published in September 2016

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We have concerns about the unsafe pedestrian crossing from the footpath (Exxon Side) at the bottom of Church Lane and the main B3053 that crosses by the school.

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This issue was already being investigated by Fawley Parish Council, Exxon and Hampshire County Council with regards to not just the crossing but the whole footpath that goes behind the trees from the crossing up to the start of the residential properties and 30mph signs.

From Hampshire County Council Highways:

“We have made some progress on mapping ‘safer’ walking routes which are illustrated in the attached document.

Route 1 is 143m longer than the direct route, with route 2 being 388m longer than the direct route. Both routes are street lit, but there is a gap in the lighting on route 1 where it passes through the playing field. Route 1 is the quietest route using only minor roads through the village but there is one section of the route that links Orchard Close to Forest Edge where the status is uncertain.

I have raised a status investigation to obtain a view on this as this link is not adopted highway probably because originally it would only have served the substation.

Route 2 has some benefit in supporting the village vitality as it passes through the village centre and may well support local trade.

The roads are more heavily trafficked, although still relatively quiet, and the road crossings require more care.

There are potential improvements that can be made to upgrade uncontrolled dropped crossing points at several locations as well as footway improvements, particularly on route 2, and in some cases this would have a wider community benefit in improving accessibility and routes to school. Signing a route can be considered in a number of ways, either through specific signs that have a higher visual impact or a less visually intrusive sticker way mark on existing street furniture.

As this is not a priority any future work on signing a route, and associated improvements, would require funding either through a community funded initiative or if external funding investment became available for this type of improvement.”

lime Kiln Lane


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At the council meeting on 6th July 2016 it was raised by a member of the public that there were concerns about the safety of people crossing the road at Lime Kiln Lane by the exit from Manor Park due to the bend and approaching traffic.  Could signs be placed warning car drivers of people crossing the road?

We Did

Cllr Fawkes was at the meeting and stated he would look in to the concern.