New Forest District Council has offered to work with Fawley Parish Council to provide monitored and recorded CCTV cameras for this community. The District Council would pay for installation and the Parish Council would pay £734 per annum per camera as a contribution to the costs of running the cameras

At the Parish Council we hear from people about burglaries and their worries about keeping our homes safe, we hear about anti-social behaviour and we hear about people being worried when they are on their own in the darker hours.  With this in mind these are our first thoughts and we would welcome your ideas:

  • we place cameras on the routes into and out of our community; that would be at Blackfield crossroads, Hardley roundabout and Rollestone Road.  This would capture images of travelling criminals and deter those who enter our community to commit burglary, theft and flytipping
  • we place cameras at places to give people confidence to use the services in the community such as shopping and waiting for a bus.  Cameras on Long Lane would also provide confidence to cyclists along the planned cycle route
  • we request a moveable camera, that is still monitored and records, that would be used at locations experiencing anti-social behaviour and fly tipping
  • we place cameras at locations identified by police as at a higher risk of crime
  • we offer Exxon Mobil an opportunity to join in with this system to monitor approaches to the refinery gates

But what do you think?  Is there a vulnerable sector of our community that isn’t helped by the above?  We can’t put cameras everywhere but where should we start?

Let us know your thoughts by messaging us or by emailing stephanie.bennett@fawley-pc.gov.uk.