Youth Club at Gang Warily

youth club bbq

In April 2016 The Handy Trust and Fawley Parish Council started a Youth Club at Gang Warily for 11-16yr olds.  We have about 60 members who mostly live in the Fawley Parish, and predominately attend New Forest Academy.

The young people were consulted from the start as to what they wanted from their Youth Club. This has given them a sense of ownership and pride and involvement in the decision making processes.

Youth Club is held weekly during term time in the Blackfield and Langley Football Club bar, which is kindly loaned to us each Friday night. This also allows the young people direct access to the all weather courts, which are extremely popular with them all.

Members pay £1 entry and this is reinvested into the Youth Club and used for equipment that the Young People have requested. Arts and Crafts are available for those who want to participate in quiet activities and music is played all night. A small snooker table and football table have been generously donated.

Our end of year BBQ and Disco was a huge success, with free hot dogs, burgers, drinks and an ice cream.

We encourage and support older young people to volunteer and help at Youth Club and Holiday Projects. We offer them a certificate for volunteering in their community. They can use this in their record of achievement for school, or their personal statement for U.C.A.S.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone, staff and volunteers.


Activities can also be found on the Gang Warily Recreation website, which is available by following this link: